SMW Engineering Group – Civil Engineering Expertise

SMW Engineering is pleased to offer our civil engineering expertise and experience to ​Hideaway, Texas and the surrounding Smith County area.

Municipal Engineering Services

Municipal Engineering

Municipal engineering is concerned with municipal infrastructure. This involves specifying, designing, constructing, and maintaining streets, sidewalks, water supply networks, sewers, street lighting, municipal solid waste management and disposal, storage depots for various bulk materials used for maintenance and public works (salt, sand, etc.), public parks and bicycle paths. In the case of underground utility networks, it may also include the civil portion (conduits and access chambers) of the local distribution networks of electrical and telecommunications services. It can also include the optimizing of garbage collection and bus service networks. Some of these disciplines overlap with other civil engineering specialties, however municipal engineering focuses on the coordination of these infrastructure networks and services, as they are often built simultaneously, and managed by the same municipal authority.

Land Planning Services

At SMW we understand that building communities isn’t just about the concrete structures and the well houses, the treatment plant and the water tower, the streets, the fire station and the town hall. It’s about planning for people and the ways in which people will use these community services now and decades from now. Our work is about knowing your community long before the first plans are drafted or the last brick is mortared in a crosswalk. Our work is about relationships.

Structural Telecommunication Engineering

SMW Engineering provides design and analysis services for antenna supporting structures utilizing the latest available software packages. Rooftops, Water Towers, Monopoles, Guyed and Self-Supporting Towers, Foundations, Tower Mounts, and Equipment Platforms as well as several other different projects we have performed.  In the fast paced world of telecom, speed and accuracy are paramount, and SMW professionally delivers both.  We have provided structural evaluations on virtually all of the tower products manufactured in the US for over 40 years domestically and abroad.

We want to provide timely completion of all projects in order to meet the clients’ schedule, as well as to represent our profession in an ethical and honest fashion.

SMW Engineering has offered the following types of Civil Engineering services:

  • Roadway/Street Planning & Design
  • Subdivision Planning & Design
  • Commercial Site Planning & Design
  • Multi-family Residential Planning & Design
  • Site Utilities Planning & Design
  • Site Earthwork Grading Design – Grading Plans
  • Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA’s)
  • Construction Planning, Estimating & Oversight
  • Phase I Environmental Assessments
  • Wetland Delineation & Mapping