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Welcome to our new website. We are Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers providing services to the general public, contractors, and companies in the City of ​Hideaway, and Smith County, Texas area. If you have any land surveying needs (see the list above in the menu bar) in the ​Hideaway area, you’ve come to the right place. We are eager to meet your land surveying needs in Texas.

Our Company

​Hideaway Land Surveying is a marketing website for SMW Engineering. At SMW you’ll find all of the technical experience you need and so much more. Our local ​Hideaway office has the leadership and team members for any size projects. Lots of growth is happening on our side of Tyler and with over 200,000 in the ​Tyler Metro area, SMW is please to call ​Hideaway Texas home. We have a fully staffed land surveying office in ​Hideaway with Blue McCoy, a local registered land surveyor, in charge of the office. We have 3 survey field crews in order to meet any of your land surveying needs in the ​Hideaway and surrounding area. If you need any help with ​Hideaway land surveying, call us at (903) 525-6405 or see our Contact Page.

Land Surveyors in ​Hideaway, TX

Land Surveyors are professionals who investigate, and make precise measurements to determine the size and boundaries of a piece of real estate.  While this is a simplistic definition, this is one of the most common types of surveying related to home and land owners. Land Surveyors are trained and educated to deal with all types of property line issues that may arise on a parcel of land. The first recorded history of land surveyors was in ancient Egypt, where “rope stretchers” replaced the property lines of farms along the Nile River after each flood of the area. We still find property lines to this day for land owners. To know more about what a land surveyor does, click here.

What you can expect from ​Hideaway Land Surveying

phoca_thumb_l_david-mckinney-plsIf you need assistance with any land surveying services in the Smith County Texas area, we can help you out.

We strive to be responsive to your time schedule and to provide quality land surveying services. We emphasize collaboration and total communication at every phase of the project.

How to contact ​Hideaway Land Surveying?

CALL Blue McCoy at ​Hideaway Land Surveying TODAY at (903) 525-6405 to discuss your land survey needs. You can also send us a message by going to our contact page.